Jef Cumps

Jef Cumps is a very experienced coach and trainer supporting organisations in their transition towards more agility. And towards a more engaging, human and effective way of looking at work. He facilitates change, both individual change (leadership, personal growth) as systemic change (culture, collaboration) in teams and organisations.

Jef has gained a lot of expertise around leadership, organisational change, personal development, personal and team coaching and teaching through his work with many different teams and organisations. He is passionate about ideas and mindsets like Lean, Kanban, Socicoracy, Agile, Integral theory, Holacracy, Scrum, etc.

Since 2016, Jef is actively applying, studying and teaching Sociocracy 3.0 in different business contexts. He is one of the founders of iLean, a proud Thrive-in Collaboration associate and the author of the first book on Sociocracy 3.0.